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MasterWork: Dress up the Christmas tree!

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Dear friends!

So 2020 is coming to an end. He was ... Wow ... Whatever it was ? 

The whole E-Global and Averia team wishes you a Happy New Year, and we also want to wish that the coming year will bring you only pleasure and good luck, both in real life and in the vastness of our beloved world of Lineage 2. Take care of yourself and your loved ones !

And on the occasion of the upcoming holidays, we want to please you with a wonderful event  - Etc x mas tree i00 0.jpg Dress up the Christmas tree!

Important information:

  • Event start date - after server restart on December 27;
  • End date of the event - after the server haswould be moved to the 3rd stage - Gracia Final (approximately on January 22);
  • To display event items and gifts, you need to update the client via the updater!

Who can participate:

  • Every player on our server can become a participant in the event, regardless of the equipment and level of your character in the game;
  • The event is not tied to time and a specific location. To participate, it is enough to be in the game and hunt various monsters.

Event description:

There is a New Year tree on Giran Square. The mobs tore her to pieces and stole all the jewelry.
Santa Claus sent his assistant to the kingdom of Elmoraden so that she could restore the Christmas tree before the New Year.
However, she will not be in time without your help!


1. Kill mobs in the game world and the following items will drop out of them:

  • 680b0d515b48b8840a761bc6b022.jpg Fir Tree Branch;
  • 7c3e629bd35b1e1b5c41c89d8645.jpg Bead Ornament;
  • d2619bb0003d5463d8616c7ef349.jpg Star Ornament;
  • Xmas_present_i00_0.jpg Christmas Red Sock- with a little chance.
    • Upon opening, you will receive 1 gift from the list below:
      Скрытый текст
      • Item 18274 loading... 
      • Item 25349 loading... 
      • Item 49800 loading...
      • Item 22025 loading... 
      • Item 20353 loading... 
      • Item 22024 loading... 
      • Item 16403 loading... 
      • Item 16404 loading... 
      • Item 2132 loading... 
      • Item 2133 loading... 
      • Item 1460 loading... 
      • Item 1461 loading... 
      • An especially rare and useful reward that will surprise you ? 


2. Bring the extracted tree parts (branches, balls and stars) to NPC Santa Assistant Emma. Emma is located on Giran Square.


3. Exchange parts of the Christmas tree from Emma and get in return:

  • Xmas_present_i00_0.jpg Christmas Red Sock;
  • Xmas_miracle_i00_0.jpg Christmas Festival - useful buff that increases character parameters:
    Скрытый текст
    • Stats:
      • HP, CP, MP +15%;
      • Moving speed +10;
      • PvE DMG  +5%;
      • All Clarity +10%.
    • General information:
      • Action time - 120 minutes;
      • Can't be canceled, stolen;
      • Does not subside upon death;
      • Does not work at the Olympics;
      • HP, CP, MP +15%;
      • Moving speed +10;
      • PvE DMG  +5%;
      • All Clarity +10%.


Parts exchange rate:

  • Christmas Red Sock Gift = 1 star + 3 balls + 10 branches
  • Christmas Festival buff = 3 stars / 8 balls / 25 branches (one of the options to choose from).
    • Real Santa's Hat owners get this buff from NPC Emma - for free!

At the first dialogue with Santa Assistant Emma, each player will receive gifts:




  • 0cb954ee882f8ffcfaeb483f7725.png Snowman Transformation Staff
    • 30-day personal item;
    • Transforms the character into a snowman;
    • Transformation - increases the speed of movement and allows you to throw snowballs;
    • MP +30%;
    • when put on the character gets 3 active skills: "rock / scissors / paper".

    8a1c1991025c5be8b03ed45f86c2.png New Year's Santa's Hat:

    • 30-day personal item;
    • Adds an active surge skill Vitality (Santa's Vitality) - restores energy when gaining experience;
    • The duration of the buff - 20 minutes;
    • Cooldown of an active skill - 8 hours.
      • Tired of red? dcb902d557da648f15cf093c5440.png - choose your own style just for 50 Item 18274 loading...!

    f3bc133bd17ed842156c23c151d3.png Santa's Hat can be upgraded to Real Santa's Hat at Santa's Assistant Emma for 15 Item 4037 loading...:

    • Eternal personal item;
    • Adds an active surge skill Vitality (Santa's Vitality) - restores energy when gaining experience;
    • The duration of the buff - 60 minutes;
    • Cooldown of an active skill - 4 hours;
    • Free access to the Christmas Festival buff from NPC Emma (no Christmas decorations).


    b691d7580cfceb05a2841e484565.png Santa's Suit

    • 30-day personal item;
    • A New Year's Costume that can be worn on your character instead of an armor;
    • Upgradeable to Item 33133 loading... at NPC Santa Assistant Emma for 25 Item 4037 loading...:
      • Eternal personal item;
      • Worn over armor like other suits.

 We wish you a Merry Christmas  and a happy New Year!


with ❤️ and ☃️, team E-Global & Averia


P.S.: This is only the first part of the Event! The second part will be introduced at the very end of the New Years!

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