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MasterWork II: Game Account Creation

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  Dear friends,

To start playing on new MasterWork II server, you don't need to register a new Master Account if you already have one.
To do this, go to your Master Account (Control Panel) and change the server to MasterWork II in the left menu.


After changing server, you will be able to see that balance and discount of your account also been transferred to the new server.
Next you need to register a new Game Accounts for the MasterWork II server.
To do this, use the "Create a game account" button.



Please note!
Start OBT is scheduled on November 1st
(Date can be changed).
Server start on November 12th.


- To register a Master Account, you need to go to the main page https://l2e-global.com/en and select the "Registration" botton.
Be careful! When you register a Master Account, you need to use email address to have constant access to and you will not lose it.
This email address cannot be changed.



- Go to your Master Account and select "Create a Game Account".
Please note that it is impossible to delete Game Accounts, always register an Account with the correct name.



- Yes, you just need to change the server in your Master Account, discount and balance apply to all servers.



- No, there will be a another Game Store and warehouse for the MasterWork II server.





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