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  1. Prime time: 20:00 - 0:00 GMT +2 English is mandatory. In game PM/MAIL - ELLE or Discord - ELLE#5133
  2. So no one knows if description is wrong or skill stats are lowered ?
  3. In the patch notes those skills give : Rapid Spirit: Увеличивает скорость стрельбы из лука на 12%. Spirit Archer: Увеличивает PvE урон Физ. Умениями на 15%, 25%, 35%, Силу Атк. + 50, +100, +200 и максимальную дистанцию атаки на 25, 50, 100 при использовании лука. but actually rapid spirit is lvl 1 on 72 lvl char and gives 8% atk speed, as rapid shot level 1. Spirit archer, don't have any PVE bonus at all. They will be increased on 76+ as described or its not working as intended. Shot00006.bmp Shot00005.bmp
  4. Will kamaels be added to the OBT, and if yes anyone knows when ?
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