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  1. He was playing with Jpolaks before 7-8month 100x brazil mid rate servers.
  2. +1 somethnig wrong in your account system. Im using hotmail but there's no any link on my spam folder. You should check it apache
  3. The funny thing those java brazil players joined keepnitbeast's party for us. We had 3duelboxes at this fight,actually we never had 9 active ppl on l2citadel. Also it wasn't a low rate server.Probably for you 15x is a low rate server. Made my day :D :D if you want 9v9 join this server let's make it with 9 active player, lvl doesn't matter. You kids made a topic for what ? Do u think is this a brazil 100x server ? Rofl,u polaks can reach 76 lvl after 1 month for sure :) Back to your brazil forums,this forum isn't for you. ATBL2 : EASY FOR LEGENDA OP !!!!!!! GOOD LUCK FROM TF Aaxa0x0ax0a
  4. Another pointless topic about donation list :) u retarded europeans they won't remove them from donation shop, why u guys still crying ? you should work for donate do not cry at forums. Donation list is oka,mybe only the bad thing is SA crystals but still doesn't matter.
  5. lol we gave u enchanted bows what u talking about.
  6. Loled hard you even post brazil ngu fraps from mid ? rofl Im done. Actually you have to protect your brazildogi,so normalle :D :D
  7. Mephisto was advertising an custom pvp server on facebook u should go with him david :) What u doing here ? or Do u guys want to play on this server ? :D You even made a fake topic w/o reason rofl.
  8. What is this video ? I can't see any epidemic member nickname . Sure sure Yes you didn't play brazil 1200x :D Look what i found :) ATB Gaming wanna be faris or what u guys doing with his crest ? ..
  9. I just gave an example,who the fck is NGU :D brazil mid rate community. İsn't u that guy was fighting on eglobal forum with brazilBraveheart for baium and qa ? cuz you sold them for realmoney and he was crying for it ajhajahaha. Your eu friends playing 7/24 on brazil mid rate servers like atb/ngu etc and they also posting fraps everyday :D . The funny thing is that, who the fck told u that we play brazil servers show me a video rofl :) Dude we won't play eu servers. EU community so weak like u 10 sec material. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXXZCDaiwZ4 PS. Camoon dude you should take them and make ur own side.
  10. Nice Tactic From Zlokob .... :D :D Btw after this you should go to Sleep. :D
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