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Merge of old x7 & x10 servers

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Dear Averians!

Many of you already waited for this a long time, merge of x7 & x10 [OLD]!


05.10.2015 server access will be closed for diagnostics and setup for merge between 2 servers.


For now you can become familiar with the information of theese 2 servers:


Default rates & general information:

  • New name: Averia.ws x7
  • Server will be fully working on x7 services and description. Description of x7 can be found here


Gameplay changes:

  • All ingame items & characters will not be touched.;
  • All enchanted items will stay as they are;
  • We will reset castle owners/clan halls/fortresses
  • Accounts that are inactive for more than 60 days. Will be deleted from our Database


  • All heroes will not be touched. First olympiad period will have double heroes of each class.
  • Olympiad will have х7 settings. Heroes are given our once per month

Nicknames & Clan names:

If after merge you have same character on other server, your name will be changed to 1_nickname & 2_nickname.


Same with clan and alliance names!


But dont get in panic! All characters & clan leaders have 1 free chance to change their clan name & character name!


If you have character name with prefix, and you're not able to change your name in ALT+B, create topic in this section - Account issues, you will need to describe your:

  • Current character name on server.
  • New name you would like to get changed.

Same goes for the clan names!

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