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How to conncet - IF x7

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Don’t get me wrong but, if you dont wipe 30-50% of ppl will leave. It is youe decision, but thats the fair and proper way!

buy PA, buy rune, buy starter pack and have friends to play u will get 50 in 4h - a no ,you will not have it, u dont know the game...

DONT threat, you do not know so many people, this is not your FB acc

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if you dont wipe, 5-10 players will leave, which isnt 50% of server

If u are can make super extra fast that lvl 50+ why u are crying cuz theres 5-10 ppl whos want a fair start? its means u can do it in 1 hour again so? why u are crying for keep the exploit? and itsa bullshit what u talkign about the updater... i was there i started i played without updater problem till midnight theres 1 more dc and its killed my updater which just spamed error1. anyway i dont know how many % will leave or stay if wiped or not! we can qqing about it and u can just make a personality comments... but u can sure about the admins will make a decisions what wroth more money for them. maybe u are whos buy everything right now and farm up to fast! but the other 50% will buy that coins ingame from u later and im not sure u are whos wroth more money. but soon we will got the right infos about this. :)

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