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Patchnote 20.05.24 - "As You Wish"

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Restart : Monday, May 20, 2024 at 08:00 server time (07:00 CEST)




Dear friends,

Starting May 20, the final stage of the 4th season of the MasterWork server will be introduced.
Our team both conceptually and technically prepares servers for the merge and gives players the opportunity to prepare. On the seasonal server, drop, experience and spoil rates will be increased by adding an Event, don’t miss your chance, because this is a great opportunity to both catch up with someone, and simply get a boost by less time, which previously would have required 3 times more effort.
You can find out all the details of the innovations in our Patch Note 🙃 






image.png Rates

Due to the fact that the Fourth Season of the MasterWork server is preparing to merge with Eternal, we have prepared an increase in all rates exactly three times! Don’t miss the moment to prepare for the merge and properly boost your character, now is the time to catch up and outstrip your opponents.

All characters of the Season since the end of the morning restart for the update on May 20, through the merge, on May 31, have added the auto-learned passive skill Eternal's Blessing, displayed in the player's buff line (following the example of the clan unity): 

Hidden text

You feel not just a buff, but the full power of gratitude from our team, which increases EXP, SP, Adena, Drop, Spoil by 300%!

Eight months is a huge period for a season, we are proud and grateful to all of you for having traveled this difficult path with us.

Already on May 31st there will be a merge of the Seasonal and Eternal servers. But this is not the end of the story, but only a new chapter.

Continue playing on the Eternal server or relax and prepare for the New Season in October - the choice is yours.

With respect and gratitude, E-Global team.

  • etc_exp_point_i00.pngEXP - 3 times;
  • etc_sp_point_i00.pngSP - 3 times;
  • etc_adena_i00.pngAdena - 3 times;
  • image.jpeg Drop - 3 times;
  • skill0254.png Spoil - 3 times.




image.png Important game events

Technical work on installing updates, the respawn of Epic Bosses and all important game events are proceeding as scheduled. We try to give players as much information as possible so that you can effectively plan your gaming session.

  • Event "BBQ":
    • Event items will stop dropping on May 20 at 8:00;
    • Event NPCs will be in the game world until May 27;
    • Buff kebab will be removed on May 31st.
  • Monday, May 20:
    • accessory_hero_cap_i00.png Nomination of Heroes of the Grand Olympiad - 00:00;
    • image.png Technical work to install the update - 8:00 (Estimated time 120 minutes);
    • image.png Beleth - 20:45 ~ 21:00, every Monday;
    • image.png Freya - 21:15 ~ 21:30, every Monday;
  • Tuesday, May 21:
    • etc_fire_crystal_i00.pngSeed of Destruction (collection of 150+ Attributes) - Every Tuesday and Friday from 19:30 to 21:30;
    • image.png Dent - 21:30 ~ 22:00, once every 5 days;
      • Respawn time changed:
        • Bane - 21:30;
        • Dent - 21:45 ~ 22:00.
  • Wednesday, May 22:
    • image.png Antharas - 21:00, through Wednesday, alternately with  image.png Valakas.
  • Thursday, May 23:
    • image.png Baium - 21:00 ~ 21:15, every Thursday.
  • Friday, May 24:
    • etc_fire_crystal_i00.pngSeed of Destruction (collection of 150+ Attributes) - Every Tuesday and Friday from 19:30 to 21:30;
    • Sieges of Clan Halls - from 20:00 to 21:00.
  • Saturday, May 25:
    • image.png Territorial Wars - 20:00 - 22:00 Kyiv time (20:00 - 22:00 Moscow time):
      • 9 main flags;
      • 6 MidCompany flags.
  • Sunday, May 26:
    • Sieges 16:00 - 18:00 Server time:
      • image.png Gludio;
      • image.png Dion;
      • image.png Schuttgart;
      • image.png Aden;
      • image.png Elven;
      • image.png Dark Elven;
      • image.png Human.
    • Sieges 20:00 - 22:00 Server time:
      • image.png Giran;
      • image.png Oren;
      • image.png Innadril;
      • image.png Goddard;
      • image.png Rune;
      • image.png Orc;
      • image.png Dwarf;
      • image.png Gludin.
    • image.png Dent - 21:30 ~ 22:00, once every 5 days;
      • Respawn time changed:
        • Bane - 21:30;
        • Dent - 21:45 ~ 22:00.



  • Merging servers
  • The server merge will take place on May 31 in the afternoon. Follow our social media, a detailed description of the terms of the merge will be released soon. Approximate date: May 27.
  • New event;
  • Rewards and conditions.
  • skillraid.png Important information about the event:
    • To display event items and gifts correctly, you need to update the client via an updater.
    • Event time: from May 20 to June 10:
      • The NPC event will remain in the game until June 17;
      • The event will continue after the servers are merged; the Fountain level will be saved from the seasonal server during the merge.
    • Buff jars will be removed 7 days after the fountain disappears.
    • Event coins remain in the hands of the players.
  • Briefly about what to do:
    • Collect at least 120 event coins. from mobs level 40+;
    • I went to Arcan Ancient City;
    • We hand over coins to the Fountain in the city center;
    • We receive a gift and enjoy life.

A bit of a long story about being careful what you wish for... 😉

Hidden text

Not long ago our group met an eccentric. His beard was grey-gray, his eyebrows were so fluffy and long, and tiny beads protruded behind them. But what first caught our eye was his hat. A huge hat in the shape of a shark's head with sharp teeth. And a fin. Yes, there was a fin there. Perhaps in this way he compensates for the lack of his height. — I thought then, looking at either an old man or a gnome, a meter tall with a cap. - He rows in the water with his thin arms and scares young girls with his shark fin...
Okay, I got distracted.
When he spoke, it began to seem to me that four eyes were looking at me, but not two. And it was terrifying. Thanks to the sweet elf Lala, she pulled me out of thoughts in time, in which I was endlessly drowning.
No matter how strange the old man was, we listened to him with hope. And the story from his lips was like this...

“I’ve seen a lot on my way.” What story stood out to me the most? Fine. I'll tell you about it. But promise that you will never touch such a source of greed.

Our world is so beautiful. He is endowed with magic and magic. Good and evil. And among all the various creatures and buildings, known and unknown relics, there was a magical fountain that granted wishes. There were different rumors about him: someone told a story that by throwing a coin at him, you could gain untold powers and wealth. And someone tried to intimidate the children and, telling them not to approach him, talked about various monsters that appeared from the Fountain and could take the life of any fool in one bite.
In those days, we were traveling in our group and decided to follow the trail of these rumors. Some of us were skeptical, while others wanted to fulfill one of their deepest desires or simply try their luck.
Despite all doubts, we found the fountain. And it was not for nothing that he was hidden from the eyes of living beings... oh, not for nothing.

From the very beginning we sensed something was wrong. The closer we approached the mystical place, the more we were overcome by a terrible stench. It smelled like fish or something... in general, it’s not that important, but we decided not to hesitate, make our wishes and quickly run away from there.

Charax was the first to take a step towards the Fountain. He was a powerful orc, but very greedy, and without hesitation he wished for “endless treasures!” As soon as the coin dipped into the water with a quiet splash of water, it seemed to us that the fontam laughed! And he turned his desire into a pile of sea stones and shells. “Well, there are jewelry, but it’s a little difficult to use,” the orc muttered, trying to stuff the stones into his pocket.

Seeing that the fountain of wishes was still working, the gnome named Birgon thought about it and decided to present his thought differently, adding more details and details to the wish. “Okay, fountain, I want... uh... eternal beer! But let it be from a barrel in my room!” I threw a coin at him and the magic worked: he disappeared and appeared at home, and his room was filled with sea water to the ceiling. “Well, I didn’t ask the room to be turned into a swimming pool! What’s the matter?!” exclaimed the dwarf, trying to crawl out from under the water flow, simultaneously fighting off piranha monsters and other sea creatures.

The third impatient young man, an Elf named Pinces, laughed at the wishes of his friends, but decided to taste his own luck. "Fountain, dear, I want to become the most beautiful creature in the whole world!" And the next moment he turned into... a magnificent radish. “Oh, how beautiful! But how can I now live and prove my beauty?!” exclaimed the radish elf, looking at his new form.

With the last wish fulfilled, the fountain disappeared! Evaporated! And the words of the spirits echoed to our ears: “Each of you is a greedy creature. Your souls and desires are unclean and ugly. You will never achieve what you want by deception!” There was loud laughter, and then the wind died down. Kharaks sadly looked at the pile of stones in his hands, Birgon apologized for a long time to his beloved wife and destroyed home, and the radish would live for thousands of years in the land where the magic fountain stood.

Believe me or not is your right. And now I have to go, because the mermaids don’t wait! - the grandfather exclaimed, bursting into loud laughter and pointing his index finger at his shark cap, and then joyfully jumped off into the sunset.


  • etc_instrument_i00.png How it all works
    • level_mission_lv120_coin_1.png You can get a Coin of Wishes from all level 40+ monsters.
    • Once you have collected 120 Coins, head to Arkan City. It was there, in the very center, that the NPC Fountain “Wish Granter” was located.
    • Every time you hand in 120 Coins of Wishes, the spirits of the Fountain will give you a bag with a random reward.
    • Also, when handing over Wishing Coins to the entire server, you will see a scale for filling the Fountain level. As soon as the scale is filled to 100%, the level of the Fountain will increase.
    • The total levels of the Fountain are Three Levels.
    • Each increase in the level of the Fountain will change its appearance, and will also allow you to receive an improved buff and increase the chances of a better reward.


  • maker-force-buff.png Buffs to make life easier
    • At each level of the Fountain, you will have the opportunity to receive a buff for 2 hours, which will greatly simplify your task of killing mobs, and will also increase the experience gained:
      • ev-18th-box1.png Fountain level 1 - Power of Desire:
        • Bonus Exp & SP +15%;
        • Chance of item drop & spoil +10%;
        • Max. CP & MP +7%;
        • Speed +2;
        • Defense against all Attributes +5;
        • PvE Damage +3%;
        • MP consumption -5%.
      • ev-18th-box2.png Fountain Level 2 - Improved Desire Power:
        • Bonus Exp & SP +25%;
        • Chance of item drop & spoil +15%;
        • Max. CP&MP +10%;
        • Speed +3;
        • Defense against all Attributes +7;
        • PvE Damage +4%;
        • MP consumption -7%.
      • ev-18th-box3.png Fountain level 3 - Ultimate Desire Power:
        • Bonus Exp & SP +50%;
        • Chance of item drop & spoil +25%;
        • Max. CP&MP +15%;
        • Speed +5;
        • Defense against all Attributes +10;
        • PvE Damage +5%;
        • MP consumption -10%.
  • The cost of the buff is level_mission_lv120_coin_1.png 50 Coins of Wishes ;
  • You can return to the Fountain and take the buff at any time throughout the event;
  • If you do not want to constantly return to the city from a distant location, you can purchase a buff in the form of jars for Master Coin + Coins of Wishes Adena and use it at any time convenient for you; family_coin_i00.pnglevel_mission_lv120_coin_1.png etc_adena_i00.png 
  • The lifespan of a jar in your inventory is 7 days, so don’t rush to purchase items in quantities that you won’t have time to use!

Please note that as the Fountain level increases, the cans in your inventory will remain at the same level at which you bought them.


  • familybox_ench.png List of awards
    •  The list of rewards does not change, but the chance of receiving the best rewards listed increases with the level of the Fountain.

      Hidden text
      • family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
      • chest_of_dark_soul.pngChest with Life Stone
      • familybox_ench.pngEnchanted MW Box
      • dethrone_box_tier1.pngAttributes Supplies
      • bm_buff_scroll_package.pngEternal Enchant Supplies
      • etc_bead_red_i00.pngpannel_rotten.pngGemstone A
      • etc_bead_silver_i00.pngpannel_rotten.pngGemstone S
      • etc_soul_stone_i00.pngetc_level_panel_lv16.pngRed Soul Crystal - Stage 16
      • etc_soul_stone_i00.pngetc_level_panel_lv17.pngRed Soul Crystal - Stage 17
      • etc_soul_stone_i00.pngetc_level_panel_lv18.pngRed Soul Crystal - Stage 18
      • etc_soul_stone_i01.pngetc_level_panel_lv16.pngBlue Soul Crystal - Stage 16
      • etc_soul_stone_i01.pngetc_level_panel_lv17.pngBlue Soul Crystal - Stage 17
      • etc_soul_stone_i01.pngetc_level_panel_lv18.pngBlue Soul Crystal - Stage 18
      • etc_soul_stone_i02.pngetc_level_panel_lv16.pngGreen Soul Crystal - Stage 16
      • etc_soul_stone_i02.pngetc_level_panel_lv17.pngGreen Soul Crystal - Stage 17
      • etc_soul_stone_i02.pngetc_level_panel_lv18.pngGreen Soul Crystal - Stage 18
      • br_spell_books_sword_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Fighter's Will
      • archer_will_book.pngForgotten Scroll - Archer's Will
      • br_spell_books_magic_i00.pngForgotten Scroll - Magician's Will
      • etc_warding_orb_red_i00.pngMasterWork Crystal - S
      • etc_warding_orb_black_i00.pngMasterWork Crystal - S80
      • etc_warding_orb_gold_i00.pngMasterWork Crystal - S84
      • sphere_gold_i00.pngMasterWork Crystal - S85
      • protection_of_rune.pngForgotten Scroll - Protection of Rune
      • protection_of_elemental.pngForgotten Scroll - Protection of Elemental
      • protection_of_alignment.pngForgotten Scroll - Protection of Alignment
      • accessory_ring_of_core_i00.pngRing of Core
      • accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.pngEarring of Orfen
      • accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.pngRing of Queen Ant
      • accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.pngRing of Baium
      • accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken'sEarring



  • Adding a new type of LS;
  • Description of features.
  • PM.jpg Added a new type of Life Stone - Superior-Grade Life Stone:
    • When inserting this Life Stone, the weapon is guaranteed (100%) to receive 2 parameters:
      • + fixed bonus to characteristics (P. Atk., M. Atk., Chance P. Critical Rate, etc.) or + stat (Str, Con, etc.);
      • Passive, active or chance item skill.
        The chances of obtaining skills are slightly shifted towards useful skills compared to regular Life Stones, however, in essence, this is the same insertion as before, just take less time and clicks.
    • Cost of insertion and removal:
      • Insert: x8 from the regular cost for a specific weapon;
      • Withdrawal: x8 of the normal cost for a specific weapon.
    • PM.jpg The Superior-Grade Life Stone can be obtained from Master Blacksmith Pushkin, as well as from his colleagues in the Crafting section, cost:
      Item received Life Stones etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
      PM.jpg Superior-Grade Life Stone etc_mineral_general_i03.pngLife Stone x100 750 000
      PM.jpg Superior-Grade Life Stone etc_mineral_special_i03.pngMid-Grade Life Stone x80 500 000
      PM.jpg Superior-Grade Life Stone etc_mineral_rare_i03.pngHigh-Grade Life Stone x40 350 000
      PM.jpg Superior-Grade Life Stone etc_mineral_unique_i03.pngTop-Grade Life Stone x10 250 000
      *The price in Adena is indicated excluding castle taxation (Usually +15%). 


  • etc_mineral_unique_i03.png Changing item skill levels:
    • The level of active attacking and debuffing skills from life stones has been increased:
      • Was: level 79, 118 Power;
      • Now: level 83, 127 Power.
  • honors_ensoul_stone.pngpannel_rotten.pngNow, in all Epic jewelry, including personal jewelry for the Seven Signs quest, you can insert LS for jewelry, which we updated at the start of the Season:
    • Jewelry is divided into 3 categories, the price of insertion/removal of LS depends on this:
      Jewelry Category Insertion cost Repossession cost
      accessory_ring_of_core_i00.pngRing of Core






      etc_bead_silver_i00.pngpannel_rotten.pngGemstone S x3



      etc_adena_i00.png 1 500 000

      core1.pngEnchanted Ring of Core
      accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.pngEarring of Orfen
      orphan1.pngEnchanted Earring of Orfen
      accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.pngFrintezza's Necklace
      accessary_queen_of_ice_necklace_i00.pngFreya Necklace
      core2.pngRefined Ring of Core






      etc_bead_silver_i00.pngpannel_rotten.pngGemstone S х7



      etc_adena_i00.png 3 500 000

      accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.pngRing of Queen Ant
      orfen2.pngRefined Earring of Orfen
      accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken'sEarring
      accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i04.pngEnchanced Frintezza's Necklace
      accessary_blessed_queen_of_ice_necklace_Blessed Freya Necklace
      accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i03.pngEnchanted Ring of Queen Ant








      etc_bead_silver_i00.pngpannel_rotten.pngGemstone S x15




      etc_adena_i00.png 7 000 000

      accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.pngRing of Baium
      accessory_ring_of_baium_i03.pngEnchanted Ring of Baium
      beleth_ring.pngBeleth's Ring
      accessory_earring_of_zaken_i03.pngEnchanted Zaken's Earring
      accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00.pngEarring of Antharas
      accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i07.pngSupreme Frintezza's Necklace
      accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.pngNecklace of Valakas
  • Price changes;
  • Adding new features;
  • Changing the chances of enchanting SA.


  • etc_soul_stone_i00.pngChanged the cost of purchasing and exchanging SA:
    • Purchase:
      Level Price
      11 etc_adena_i00.png 1 500 000
      12 etc_adena_i00.png 2 300 000
      13 etc_adena_i00.png 3 500 000
      14 family_coin_i00.png x1 etc_adena_i00.png 5 000 000
      15 family_coin_i00.png x5 etc_adena_i00.png 7 500 000
      16 family_coin_i00.png x15 etc_adena_i00.png 10,000,000
      17 family_coin_i00.png x30 etc_adena_i00.png 15 000 000
      18 family_coin_i00.png x50 etc_adena_i00.png 25 000 000
    • Exchange:
      Level Price
      11 For free
      12 For free
      13 For free
      14 For free
      15 family_coin_i00.png x1
      16 family_coin_i00.png x3
      17 family_coin_i00.png x5
      18 family_coin_i00.png x10

  • etc_fire_crystal_i00.pngThe cost of purchasing Attribute Crystals has been changed:
    • Purchase for Master Coin:
      Crystal Stone family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
      etc_fire_crystal_i00.pngFire Crystal etc_fire_stone_i00.pngFire Stone х5 x1
      etc_water_crystal_i00.png Water Crystal etc_water_stone_i00.pngWater Stone х5 x1
      etc_earth_crystal_i00.png Earth Crystal etc_earth_stone_i00.pngEarth Stone х5 x1
      etc_wind_crystal_i00.png Wind Crystal etc_wind_stone_i00.pngWind Stone х5 x1
      etc_unholy_crystal_i00.png Dark Crystal etc_unholy_stone_i00.pngDark Stone х5 x1
      etc_holy_crystal_i00.png Divine Crystal etc_holy_stone_i00.pngDivine Stone х5 x1

    • Purchase for Adena: No changes 5 Stones + 2,500,000 Adena;
    • Purchasing Personal Attribute Ore:
      Ore attribute_coin.pngAttribute Coin etc_adena_i00.pngAdena
      etc_fire_stone_i00.pngtime_tab.pngPersonal Fire Stone 3 15 000
      etc_water_stone_i00.pngtime_tab.pngPersonal Water Stone 3 15 000
      etc_earth_stone_i00.pngtime_tab.pngPersonal Earth Stone 3 15 000
      etc_wind_stone_i00.pngtime_tab.pngPersonal Wind Stone 3 15 000
      etc_unholy_stone_i00.pngtime_tab.pngPersonal Dark Stone 3 15 000
      etc_holy_stone_i00.pngtime_tab.pngPersonal Divine Stone 3 15 000

  • etc_bm_jewel_vital.png Orfen & Core:
    • etc_bm_jewelbox_vital.pngCore's Box: Now contains 2 to 3 Core's Soul Fragment (from 1-3);etc_bm_jewel_vital.png
    • orf_soul_box.pngOrfen's Box: Now contains 2 to 3 Orfen's Soul Fragmentorf_soul.png(from 1-3);
    • Shards can be exchanged for each other:
      Items for exchange Required Items family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
      etc_bm_jewel_vital.pngCore's Soul Fragment orf_soul.pngOrfen's Soul Fragment 2
      orf_soul.pngOrfen's Soul Fragment etc_bm_jewel_vital.pngCore's Soul Fragment 2
      For example, you have 10 Core shards and 5 Orfen shards, you want to get the Core Ring. For 10 MC you can exchange 5 Orfen shards for 5 Core shards and get the necessary jewelry.
    • Added the ability to transfer fragments; to do this, you should “Pack” the required fragment in a box that can be transferred, the box can be opened with RMB or double-click if necessary, from it you will receive a fragment:
      Box Splinter family_coin_i00.pngMaster Coin
      orf_soul_box.pngpanel_2.pngOrfen's Soul Fragment orf_soul.pngOrfen's Soul Fragment 1
      etc_bm_jewelbox_vital.pngpanel_2.pngCore's Soul Fragment etc_bm_jewel_vital.pngCore's Soul Fragment 1
      For example, you have 2 characters with 10 and 5 Orfen shards, you can spend 5 MS to transfer 5 shards to the required character and get the necessary jewelry. 
  • Prices for enchantments in the store from NPC Maara have been reduced (we remind you that the item is obtained from level 2, 3 and 4 monsters in The Forbidden Gateway):
    Item cursed_grail_i00.pngGrace of the Goddess
    giant_scrl_of_ench_am_s.pngeternal_f.pngForbidden Shillien Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade) 700
    giant_scrl_of_ench_wp_s.pngeternal_f.pngForbidden Shillien Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) 1 100
    giant_scrl_of_ench_am_s.pngeternal_sg.pngSpecial Shillien Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade) 2 000
    giant_scrl_of_ench_wp_s.pngeternal_sg.pngSpecial Shillien Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) 1 800
    etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_am_s_i05.pngeternal_d.pngScroll: Enchant Armor of Destruction (S-Grade) 1 300
    etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05.pngeternal_d.pngScroll: Enchant Weapon of Destruction (S-Grade) 3 000


  • etc_soul_stone_i00.pngChanging the chances of enchanting SA in high instances:
    Level Frintezza, Freya, Trasken Blessed Freya
    10 -> 11 100.00% 100.00%
    11 -> 12 100.00% 100.00%
    12 -> 13 100.00% 100.00%
    13 -> 14 50.00% 100.00%
    14 -> 15 35.00% 100.00%
    15 -> 16 25.00% 100.00%
    16 -> 17 15.00% 50.00%
    17 -> 18 7.50% 25.00%


  • accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.png Changing M. Def. of personal jewelry for shards of majesty:
    Jewelry Was Now
    accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.pngFrintezza's Necklace 125 125
    accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken'sEarring 80 94
    accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.pngRing of Queen Ant 56 60





skill0131.png A look into the future (after the servers are merged):

  • Server updates.
    • Merging the seasonal server into the eternal is not the end of our work. Updates will be released for the merged server, which will be aimed at both entertainment and product improvement.
  • New armor grade.
    • A new armor grade will be added with interesting features and balanced bonuses. This set is the pinnacle of character development in terms of equipment, but both its loot and the necessary upgrades will present a challenge for players. 
  • 6 updated locations.
    • To expand farming areas and combat the usual routine, we are creating 6 new locations that will allow you to obtain the equipment described above and diversify your farming.
  • Automated events.
    • At the moment we have 2 automatic events in development, which can be described as TvT Moba-like. In them you will fight against a team of opponents to capture control points, and monsters will both help and hinder you from doing this. In the future, we plan to devote time to developing other unique automatic events (aimed at both PvP and PvE content, both for a group and for solo).
  • Tournament.
    • There will be a tournament! Due to the responsibility, uniqueness and complexity of development, the tournament time is being moved to a joint server, which will allow not only season players to participate, but also MWE players. However, no need to worry! Equipment will be limited and will be issued by a special manager, which will allow any group to participate and try their hand at other players.







You will need to use our image.png Updater to ensure that the update is displayed correctly. We highly recommend that you use the Fast Check feature as we regularly release various minor and major updates. 



❤️, E-Global & Averia

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