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Averia x100 opened in 12 December 2014

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Averia announces its New Year PvP server x100!

A lot of new, interesting events await you!

Administration of Averia guarantees successful start, the hugest online community, many European players and technical stability of the project!


Averia x100 means the hugest online community. The best players of Russia and Europe explore the worlds of Lineage with us. Our gamers NEVER experience any wipes or reloads, our server launch sticks to the deadlines announced. Our tech support successfully prevents all DDos attacks.

To avert all DDoS attacks, we do not buy DDos filters. We use the unique technology developed by our tech support guru IOException. The players are proportionally categorized into cluster on the server side, making the system virtually immune to all DDos and other malicious attempts.

New server concept in a nutshell

The coming x100 is a high-quality PvP-craft server, which will unite the PvP fighters with the pacifists, who peacefully craft items and trade them. The new system of offline buffers and amulets was introduced. New currency, given to the players for their active participation in the combats will be introduced soon. It will give nice opportunities who the most inveterate opponents of the “donation” system. Achieving high results without real money investing will be possible.

Every player can become successful on Averia.



We never intended to assemble all Lineage female players on our server. However, new costumes, pets, faces and haircuts attracted many charming girls. They made their choice and play now with Averia.

Not a single project enjoys such an audience, which makes the game atmosphere more enchanting.

Our project is a good opportunity to find a dream girl!


We have established a reputation of the biggest and most successful server of 2013-2014.

We successfully demonstrated that successful technical support, regular updates, hundreds of events and contest, as well as active advertising and high online even a year after the project was launch mark our painstaking efforts.

We polish new updates, debug the problems and make the project ideal every day. Making your winter adventures interesting is our top mission.


High online versus project stability

Our big launches have shown that our servers can withstand any load. Dozens of proxy servers for the CIS countries will be created.


Server was open 12 December, 2014 7:00 PM (GMT+4)


The main project rates:

Exp: x100

SP: x100

Adena: x70

Drop: Chance x50; Amount x1

Spoil: Chance x1; Amount x40 (Dynamic, from 1 to 40 it will be x60, then it will decline to x20 rate)

Quest Reward: x5

Quest Items: x4

Epaulettes: x10

RaidBoss: x7


[spoiler=Project commands].talisman – unites talismans into more powerful ones

.ncrelog – cleans cash for speed re-logging without leaving parties and instant zones

.cfg – to activate/deactivate auto loot/ experience block/ traders deactivation/ no carrier/ costumes deactivation/ buffs animation radius

.premium – to check premium account status of the group members

.offline – offline trading (free of charge)

.clan – to delegate access to the clan’s vault


[spoiler=Where to find the FAQ?]The main FAQ is here http://forum.averia.ws/threads/frequently-asked-questions.43766/

[spoiler=Can I vote for the server before the start?]Yes, from 1st December onwards. Bonus of 300 averinkas+ attribute crystals/enchant scrolls.


[spoiler=What will not be available in the shop?]Epic jewels, armor/arms of Elegia


[spoiler=Will buffs be available in Alt+B?]Yes, 1 hour. No buff for Warlock and elemental summoner


[spoiler= will OBT be available?]Yes, OBT start is scheduled for 5 December, 7:00 PM (+4 GMT)

[spoiler=if offline-trade available?]Yes, from 40 level onwards

[spoiler=Is it possible to buy avers before the start?]Yes, this option is mostly recommended, because during the start the payment system is most likely to be overloaded with many requests. 1$ = 50 Avers http://forum.averia.ws/threads/x7-general-information.45673/

[spoiler=Is premium account available?]Yes. The prices are the following: 1 day – 30 avers/ 3 days – 70 avers/ 7 days – 120 avers/ 14 days – 220 avers/ 30 days – 320 avers/ 60 days – 520

Premium account is computed as the average of the group. If one member has PA and second does not have it, each of them receives +25% of experience (instead of 50% given by the premium account).


[spoiler=Premium account bonuses]

Exp +50%

SP +60%

Adena +40%

Drop +50%

Spoil +60%

Carrying capacity increase +30%

Drop epaulettes increase +50%

Successful crafting chances increased on +12% (if a dwarf crafting an item for you has PA or you have PA the chances are 12% increased. If the both players have 12%, the chances remain 12%).

Rare item craft chances increase on +30% (Standard – 3%, for PA owners – 4%)


[spoiler=Are there any events on the server?]Standard: TvT/Fighting club/The Pirates of Averia/collection of bouqets on Averia/ farm – growing pumpkins/ medals collecting/ New Year Fests/ The Casket of Averia/Treasures in the undergrounds of Averia/Coffer of Shadow/ The Magic Tree/Averia Points

Specially for the start of x100 new PvP events will be developed


[spoiler=Is automatic learning of the skills available?]Yes, for all skills except those, learned from the books


[spoiler=When the first sieges are scheduled to take place?]21 December, 2014


[spoiler=When the first territorial wars are expected?]3 January, 2015


[spoiler=is it possible to buy a profession?]1 profession costs 40 avers, 350 000 adens or a quest

2 professions cost 100 avers, 2 000 000 adens or a quest

3 professions cost 170 avers or 50 000 000 adens


[spoiler=Sub-class/noblesse ?]Sub-class costs 250 avers or 100 000 000 adens. Can be achieved by completing a quest. For you not to commit any mistakes while completing it, a special bonus is available



[spoiler=Olympics?]The Olympics starts together with the server. Heroic feature is awarded on the results of a survey.


[spoiler=Bonuses to the clans, coming from other servers?]No such bonuses are given


[spoiler=What are the methods to purchase avers:]All information is available here: http://forum.averia.ws/threads/donations.43342/


[spoiler=How regularly the updates are released:]We release the updates every 1st and 15th day of a month.


[spoiler=From what level is it possible to write to shout/trade?]From the 20th level onwards


[spoiler=How many slots are available for buff/dance/ songs?]24/12


[spoiler=Are there any chances of crafting a rare item?]Yes, 3% chance and 4% for the owners of premium accounts


[spoiler=What is the maximum level for a sub-class?]Maximum lvl for a sub-class is 80


[spoiler=When the items auction will be launched:]From 1st January, 2014


[spoiler=Is auto loot available]Yes


[spoiler=Are any vitamin pets available?]Yes, the price is between 250-350 avers. They are everlasting, but can’t be transferred (even through the Vitamin manager).


[spoiler=Is hell bound available from the start?]Yes


[spoiler=What are the penalties for real money trading and banned software use?]

All violators of the receive are immediately banned through HWID and all their accounts become immediately blocked. For those, who used a clicker for one character only and sincerely repented we can de-block an account for 400 avers. Adena is fully removed.



[spoiler=What is the limit for windows?]No limits


[spoiler=Any possibility to make money in the game?]Yep. Avers drop from all bosses ( up to 40 level)

[spoiler=Re-spawn of the main RB] AK – from 30 to 32 hours

Core – from 50 to 52 hours

Orfen – from 36 to 38 hours

Death Lord Hallate – from 12 to 14 hours

Longhorn Golkondan – from 12 to 14 hours

Kernon – from 12 to 14 hours

Shilens Messenger Cabrio – from 12 to 14 hours

Flame of Splendor Barakiel – from 12 to 14 hours

Antaras -11 day

Valakas -11 days

Baium - 5 days +8 hours


Features of the project:

  • The largest and the cutest female audience!
  • Free SMS protection of the Playing and Master accounts
  • Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V options have been implemented
  • Anti-scam option is now available
  • New icons for talismans
  • Dance/Song duration – 10 minutes
  • Amulet system
  • New faces/haircuts
  • New pets
  • ‘Academia’ service
  • Skills scroll enchantment has been 3 times increased (Adena/SP)
  • Premium account works separately for each server
  • Vitamin pets are everlasting
  • Command .km-all-to-me has been deactivated
  • Macros lags have been fixed
  • Scroll enchantment chances are similar to the official (not reduced, as previously)
  • Monster champions to 80 levels are now available
  • Destruction RB no longer exist
  • Antaras, Valakas, Bayum and other epic heroes will be alive when the server starts!
  • For any forms of fraud the accounts are blocked
  • For repeated or serious violations of the forum rules, a playing account can be blocked
  • Trading/bartering playing characters and accounts/master accounts is prohibited both online and offline
  • Any barters like “my items here for your items in dota 2” is prohibited
  • Driver services offer is prohibited (searching for drivers is allowed)
  • Buy/Sale of the castles or clans is prohibited
  • Players assume all relevant risks while participating in events/contests/casino/roulettes created by the players.
  • The Administration is not responsible for bringing back the lost items.



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We never intended to assemble all Lineage female players on our server. However, new costumes, pets, faces and haircuts attracted many charming girls. They made their choice and play now with Averia.




[spoiler=How long will the server live?]screenshot.ru_f92fe373567d42b136f60f821fa0b008.png

Yep,+1 girl ;)

I`m sorry, I can`t understand what is written this pic, havent you variant in Eng?

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